Company in Russia

Legal advice.

Foreign companies promotion in the Russian market.

Sales and marketing strategies elaboration and their introduction into the market.

Building business as well as creating company in Russia is a really time-consuming question and laborious which requires careful consideration and thoughtful solutions. It is known that opening a company in Russia is connected with necessity of collecting a number of different documents required for official registration of the company as well as permits, etc. Documentary procedures, registration - all of these can be quite tedious and often confusing. So you shouldn’t neglect the help, advice and support of qualified legal professionals.

Opening your own company you should be aware of some aspects of modern business. Here are a few tips for beginners in business.


Modeling will help you save time. Rather than reinvent the wheel, you can take the technology of successful business of the others as a basis of your own successful business. Learn the business and activities of the person who you are interested in and use the acquired knowledge as a guide. This doesn’t mean that you have to copy everything. You can always turn your creativity on and improve what you have borrowed.

Should I do something that I don’t really enjoy?

From time to time some problems and tasks occur that need to be solved – you might not want it and not like it. You begin to look for different ways of avoiding it: you postpone the solution of the problem for a while or don’t solve it at all. Because of this problems occur! The best way to avoid such problems is to solve them in time. You should keep this in mind! And not just solve but do it the best way possible! You will see that the task you were so scared of is, in fact, not that boring and tiresome.

Do it!

When you have to do a thing, don’t think long, just do it. Start now! Once you’ve started, it will be difficult to stop it.

Step over your fears

It is well-known that a lot of different fears live in our subconscious. Probably, they appeared in our childhood. Or they were the result of some hard life tests. It doesn’t actually matter where they came from. The important thing is that they are just thoughts that you have in your head and you have to be stronger than them. The more positive thoughts and ideas you have in your head, the more confident and successful you will become, and the greater and stronger your business will be.

Live in the present.

We all know that the process of founding a company is difficult and takes time. So, don’t go too far in your dreams and ambitions. Don’t live in the future, live in the present. This will allow you to focus on what you are doing at the moment and move forward. When you look too far ahead, you realize how far still the achievement of your goal is. You can feel sorry for yourself and think, "Is it worth to go on?" And you shouldn’t look back, it can slow down the process of developing your business, because you will find that you have made a long way and might want to take a break.

Get out of your so-called “comfort zone”.

Your comfort zone can be compared to a man walking down the street. He doesn’t run, he just walks. His muscles are not strengthened, his brain is not filled with supplemental oxygen, his lungs don’t develop. It is convenient to walk quietly, he doesn’t want to work, otherwise he would get out of his comfort zone. Remember:  if you go out of your comfort zone, you will really increase your possibilities and very probably success. Our world wouldn’t move forward and would not progress if people were always afraid to leave their comfort zone. When you get out of it you face the unknown. You're afraid and that's normal. Once you begin to act you will see the first success and the fear will be gone. The outgo of the comfort zone opens the door to great achievements in business.

Most people who get some complaints about their business don’t like it and become defensive.

You may take advantage of it. Analyzing the complaints of people, you can greatly improve your business. Use complaints as a guide to action and try to improve your business. Ease the complaint form at your office: put a box for complaints or attach a notebook for complaints to the wall. The main thing is to take complaints friendly and use them to your advantage.