Formation of company in Russia

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Many people in Russia, having unsuccessfully worked as employees for years, or even being unable to find a decent job, often start looking to the field of entrepreneurship. What do you need to start business in Russia?

It is known that starting business (as well as formation company in Russia) without any special knowledge is not so simple. So what do you need today, being a Russian citizen, to organize your business and make it successful? To start with, let’s first consider the example of the start of business by an individual entrepreneur.

In any case, the initial phase of any business is its registration. Currently the Russian legislation provides two forms of registration of business: private individual entrepreneurship and legal entity.

Of course, the easiest way - is to get the status of a private entrepreneur. In order to do this you need to fill in a specially prepared and notarized form of registration application.

Also, you need to have your passport and a receipt for payment of state duty. In addition it should be said that the registration of individual entrepreneurs is made in the local administration, followed by obtaining a certificate of registration.

After doing that it is necessary to register with the tax authorities, as well as to register as a taxpayer in budget funds for the payment of insurance premiums.

For registration of a legal entity, for example, a LLC (limited liability company), much more documents are required. In addition to the above-mentioned application, receipts and passport, you will also have to provide the following documents:

 Copies of the organization charter (2 pieces); copies of the foundation agreement (2 pieces); the protocol of the general meeting of all the founders or the decision of the founder. The registration of a limited liability company is carried out in Federal tax agency’s inspectorate.

Then it is necessary to register with the tax authorities, to get a stamp, to get a statistical code of Russian State Statistics Committee, to register with the compulsory medical insurance fund, open am operating account.

As for the business itself, at present there are four optimal variants of organization of business in Russia:

-      involving the initial capital;

-      with zero financial investment;

-      purchasing a functioning business;

-       purchasing a franchise.

Naturally, the most economically attractive business is business with zero investment. For the beginning and getting some business experience this is, of course, perfect. But don’t forget that any coin has another side.

Such business, because of its low liability for the entrepreneur, can lead to an incorrect perception of the basis of commerce. As a result, inadequate valuation of business realities can lead to premature “death” of commercial activities.

Business with initial investment is, of course, characterized by the fact about the inevitability of possible financial losses. After all, according to statistics, only a few of the participants of small business can “survive” in the world of business and exist in the world of big business "sharks."

In order to avoid becoming an easy target in the first month of the existence of business, a businessman should have some knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship. And it would be good to learn some special literature on the basics of successful business today – there are plenty of different books on business and everything which is connected with the world of business.

It is also necessary to note that today there is a large number of firms (companies) that specialize in providing legal, financial, accounting and other assistance for small business.

By purchasing a franchise (a functioning way of business under a promoted brand (trademark), a businessman gets thereby an ensuring support through advertising and the organization of the business itself. But this also has its pitfalls.

Purchasing functioning business, an entrepreneur automatically escapes a whole lot of commercial troubles, but at the same time he is deprived of the precious experience in the early stages of business.

You shouldn’t delay the organization of your business due to the ignorance of any subject nuances. Those who search for necessary information will always find it: if they are driven by the desire to organize really successful business – they will know where to look for it!

Thus it can be noticed that business organization in Russia is associated with a certain amount of risks and questions. However, being aware of all possible troubles and risks associated with business and being ready for that makes the first step and the start much easier, and the task no longer seems so global.