Foundation of company in Russia

Legal advice.

Foreign companies promotion in the Russian market.

Sales and marketing strategies elaboration and their introduction into the market.

Once a future entrepreneur has had the idea of foundation of company in Russia, here comes the most important step – organization of business itself. In Russia this process is associated with a lot of small things, small nuances that can, however, significantly complicate the process of organization of business. Often business is organized from scratch and that means that the entrepreneur has no experience and he needs to learn many things.

The first step is the registration of company. To do this, you need to collect a list of required documents. It includes the following documents:

- An application for getting state registration;

- A certified solution and an agreement on the establishment of the organization;

- The originals or copies certified by a notary of the constituent documents.

Further you should develop a clear and understandable business plan that takes into account all factors, including seasonal fluctuations of profits, overall economic situation in the country, markets and much more. This will help optimize the primary expenses and get loans at cheaper rates. It should be noted that many entrepreneurs take loans against security of real estate and personal property, and during the return period there are the highest risks. A competent business plan will minimize them.

You should not forget about various courses to enhance the level of your knowledge in business. Such courses can be free or paid, for example, at employment centers. There you can comprehend the basis of business and thus make your business more profitable and durable.

When registering a company in Russia you can face many bureaucratic problems. In order to make everything be on time, it is important to complete all necessary documents and keep track of the registration process. The course of registration depends on the organizational and legal form that you choose for your business. Organizational and legal form of your company determines the capabilities of your business in Russia, which can later be converted only at large bureaucratic and financial costs. Registration of a company also includes notification of public authorities, registration of legal address and selecting personnel. It is important to know potential risks and mistakes to avoid legal consequences. Timely advice from qualified professionals can help choosing the right organization and legal form of your company.

Here are some tips to help you get through difficult obstacles in the process of building your business.

The more the better? Is this true?

You can found a company with a wide range of services and manufactured goods. You might think “the more the better”, and you might think that this will make your business stronger and more stable. After all, if one of the services of the business is not successful, there are always the others. But the key word here should be not the word "many", but the word "quality." What would you choose: a lot of mediocre services / products or one quality service / product?

Think about your business.

There are many opportunities for business related to your favorite activities. You must learn to distinguish good things from bad ones. If you meet something interesting, don’t “jump” into it. To start with, you should analyze, undertake a study. Look at all "pros and cons". Then you'll know and understand if you really need it or not.

You can continue doing what you like or not at all.

Some people organize business based on their favorite activities. They can engage in their favorite activities, but not want to solve business problems. If you are one of those, you'd better hire a manager. If you take care of your business, you can not only deal with your favorite things.